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The results of Missouri’s innovative approach are exemplary.  In FY14, Missouri’s recommitment rate (new juvenile offenses) was 6.6%.  Long-term recidivism into the adult system was 6.6% (incarceration within 3 years) and 69% of youth remained law-abiding for 3 years or more.

Critical incidents, in which young people or staff is assaulted, occur 4 ½ times more often for youth and 13 times more often for staff in other youth correctional systems outside of Missouri.  

Even though approximately 33% of the youth served by the Division have diagnosed educational disabilities, 74% of the students begin closing the achievement gap by improving academically during their commitment to DYS. 


In FY14, graduations and GED success rates reached all time highs for young people in the custody of the DYS with 461 students completing their secondary education, including 49.19% percent of all 17 year-olds at the time of discharge from custody – over 3 times the national average. 

Young people actively engaged in school or work is an indicator of successful reintegration.  In FY14, over 90% were “productively involved” at the time of their discharge, meaning they were actively attending school (secondary of college) and/or actively employed.