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Missouri Division of Youth Services Advisory Board

The Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) Advisory Board, created by RSMo 219.046 establishes a 15-member bi-partisan board appointed by the Director of the Department of Social Services.

The membership is comprised of public officials, professionals, and representatives of the general public who possess knowledge and experience in health, education, social, correctional or legal services for children.  The membership is representative of the various geographic regions and socioeconomic population of the state, with no more than 8 board members from the same political party.

The DYS Advisory Board meets with the director of DYS a minimum of 4 times each year for the purpose of reviewing the activities of the division and providing advice and expertise. Board members visit each DYS facility as necessary and provide linkages to the communities around the state. The Board educates citizens and public officials regarding the activities of the division, conditions observed relating to the care and treatment of children, advice on policy priorities, and other pertinent matters.